.bit and SubDID: Revolutionizing Community Building in Web3

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  • .bit is a Web3 identity that enables users to manage and control their identities with public chain addresses, email addresses, customized passcodes, and biometric data.
  • SubDID is the best decentralized identity for Web3 communities.
  • Case studies show how SubDID can help Web3 projects build strong and engaged communities.
  • SubDID can be used for event tickets, NFT communities, and building thriving and engaged communities in Web3.


What is .bit?

.bit (https://did.id) is the only cross-verse unified DID protocol for individuals and communities. Based on its unique technical architecture, .bit provides services to more than Web3 users. It can verify signatures with different asymmetric cryptographic algorithms, enabling users to manage and control their .bit accounts with public chain addresses, email addresses, customized passcodes, and biometric data that can be accessed from mobile devices. .bit is committed to building the most practical and applicable suite of infrastructural tools, safeguarding the right of identity sovereignty for each person in the world.


What is SubDID?

SubDID is the best decentralized identity for your DAO, community, organization, and fan club. Features:

  • The parent .bit account decides the distribution method of SubDIDs and has pricing power.
  • Gas-free.
  • Full functions as a Web3 identity.

Web3 — Community First

Building a thriving community is critical for the success of any Web3 project. Unlike traditional projects, Web3 is built on the principles of decentralization and collaboration, and the community plays a vital role in achieving this. A strong and engaged community can provide valuable feedback, promote adoption, and drive innovation, all of which are crucial for the growth of the project. Furthermore, a supportive and active community can also help build trust and confidence in the project, which is essential for attracting new users and investors.

Case Study

Case 1: Mail3 — Start Community & Web3 Subscription with SubDID

Mail3 is a Web3 email service that supports to use SubDIDs to get in touch with their users. During its launch, Mail3 distributed 40,202 SubDIDs of Mail3er.bit. Users holding SubDIDs could subscribe to Mail3’s latest content for free, while new members needed to purchase the SubDIDs of Mail3er.bit to subscribe.

This SubDID-based community model effectively communicated Mail3’s product updates and activities to its members while creating a strong sense of identity and belonging within the community. Community members had a say in decision-making and felt a sense of ownership in the project’s success.

Case 2: DigitDAO — Governing Community with SubDID

DigitDAO is a DAO that uses SubDIDs to govern its community. SubDIDs are used to identify community members and their voting rights. The use of SubDIDs allows DigitDAO to ensure that each member has one vote, and that the voting process is transparent and tamper-proof.

The community members of DigitDAO also use SubDIDs to propose and vote on new initiatives. With the community playing a critical role in the decision-making process, DigitDAO ensures that its governance is fair and democratic.

Case 3: KOLO — Username & Spontaneous Fission & Brand Exposure

KOLO Market has completed the integration of .bit alias. Community members can claim their KOLO.bit SubDIDs and set their .bit alias, which will become their usernames on KOLO. In addition, community members can change their nicknames on social media platforms like Discord and Twitter to xxx.kolo.bit, attracting more people to follow KOLO and participate in discussions and interactions with other projects.

By leveraging the SubDIDs, KOLO has created a self-sustaining community that promotes brand exposure through spontaneous fission. As community members share their KOLO.bit SubDIDs on different social media platforms and interact with others, they effectively promote KOLO to a wider audience, increasing the project’s visibility and driving growth.

Case 4: Cluster3 — Cold Start with SubDID, Gaining First Batch of Fans

Cluster3, utilized SubDIDs to successfully cold start their project, gaining their first batch of 7,000+ fans. SubDIDs not only served as a symbol of seniority for the first batch of fans, but also provided them with a practical DID that can be used within the .bit ecosystem.

By leveraging SubDIDs, Cluster3 was able to build a strong and engaged community from the ground up. This initial batch of fans acted as ambassadors for the project, spreading the word about Cluster3 and attracting more people to join. The success of their cold start demonstrates the value of SubDIDs in building a dedicated and active community.



Overall, the combination of .bit and SubDID offers a powerful solution for Web3 identity and community building. With the ability to manage and control identities with public chain addresses, email addresses, customized passcodes, and biometric data, users have complete control over their identities. And with SubDID, communities can be managed in a fair and democratic manner, while also promoting engagement and brand exposure.

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