New round of .bit accounts release will start at 12:00 PM (UTC+0) on October 18
2 min readOct 15, 2022

As mentioned in the article “Clarifications on Recent Dispute: Fundamental Concepts and Key Designs of DAS”, .bit accounts will be released gradually as the number of unique wallet addresses grows, in order to achieve the goal of a rather fair distribution of .bit accounts. Now that the number of unique wallet addresses has soared, and the .bit-initiated NameDAO has successfully expanded the influence of .bit and our community, we decide to start our new round of accounts release on October 18 at 12:00 PM (UTC+0), to further push the development of NameDAO. Accounts that meet the following rules are to be released:

All .bit accounts with a length of 4 or more, and are constituted with characters of pure number, pure Emoji, pure Thai, pure Korean, pure Turkish, and pure Vietnamese can be registered.

*Mixture of characters must meet the release rules for the 60%. For example, 😊002.bit and ş👋👋👋.bit does not meet the algorithm rules, and will not be released on Oct 18.

.bit is a public resource. To make .bit has a rather fair system of account distribution is always a goal that we endeavour to achieve. All non-released accounts are not held by the team, and we will gradually release them after we have a certain industry influence. To learn more about our initial thoughts and goals, see here.

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.bit Continues to Popularize Web3 Identity and Closes $13 Million in a Series A Funding Round

So far, more than 55k independent addresses have registered for more than 160k .bit accounts, and nearly 100 mainstream wallets and DApps have integrated with .bit (Check here).

Also, the .bit community keeps growing. There are over 90,000 Twitter followers and nearly 50,000 Discord members.

SubDID Helps DAO Thrive: DigitDAO #1 Proposal Approved in 7 Days, Now in Implementation Phase

To encourage people with different cultural backgrounds to use decentralized identity and improve cultural diversity in Web3, we initiate the concept of NameDAO. By handing over a portion of the .bit protocol revenue to the DAOs, the team aims to motivate more people around the world to spread their culture and endow them with better access to Web3 through NameDAO.

Currently, DigitDAO and EmojiDAO are using SubDID of 0x.bit and 😊.bit for governance. on October 9, the first proposal for DigitDAO was approved and is now in the implementation phase. Looking forward to more experimentation and practice with SubDID!


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